Prepare Yourself for What is Coming! “We Are All in so Much Bigger Trouble Then We Can Ever Imagine”!

I know that everyone is on their own journey to find truth, but I am quite frustrated by how many people don’t see the obvious evidence that we are being subjected to psychological warfare. We cannot trust anything that governments, large corporations, or their media are saying to us.

This almost sounds like the NWO, and mark of the beast, if we can’t buy sell go where we want, unless we get the vaccine? No thanks.

The “New Normal” sounds like code for the New World Order…

We’re living in the end times folks, we are on the revelation of the bible, the last pages God is coming back 

Whoever thinks a vaccine is necessary for a virus that has a 0.2% death rate then good luck to you my friend. you’re gonna need it!

Gates and his wife are evil. They don’t take vaccines but want us 2? Not happening!

There is NOTHING “normal” about this crap. Nothing.

It’s sad that many people turn a blind eye, towards this issue!

Nothing so dangerous as scores of ignorant people united in the same delusion.

“New normal” replaced “nwo”. According to Rockefeller foundation’s lockstep, they plan on releasing the real virus during second wave that has a 30% mortality rate. Basically in reaction to people questioning their measures the first time around with a big I told you so. What do you think biological warfare and gain of function studies are for? Not for enemies abroad but for enemies in house, mainly We The People. So it’s important that people refuse their measures including vaccines and be completely non compliant. They can’t control everyone, they can only control us psychologically and trick our consent. We out number them 1 million to one, they understand this!

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase temporary safety, deserve neither Liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin.

Gates agenda is to depopulate the globe. His vaccines are just the beginning.

The only good thing about this whole plandemic psy op is that it’s given people the time to think and peel back the curtain. However, it does hurt to know that we’ve been lied to our entire lives!!!!

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