“COVID-19 The Great Reset” – “Delete” Humanity: The monstruous fear campaign – the repressive police and military measures to implement these society, family and friendship breaking rules – are all the puzzles of a much larger picture.

The Big Picture of the plan is clear. It plays out in front of our eyes. And we do not want to see it. Or we are blinded by the relentless lie- and deceit-propaganda stream flooding us with false news and outright lies about covid – and what’s to come.

When we understand that since more than 70 years the overall concept of the Rockefeller cum Gates plan – and certainly others, like Soros – and the rest of the Bilderberger and the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) members, and yet others – whose affiliates overlap different semi-obscure organizations – is to drastically reduce the world population – and that this moment has come now – then we understand much better what is happening today; then we get a better overview of the Big Picture.

The time has come in the form of an invisible virus called SARS-CoV-2 – later renamed by WHO to “Covid-19 Disease”; with massive and non-stop fear propaganda throughout the west; and with the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “Covid-19 – The Great Reset”, authored by Klaus Schwab, founder and CEO of the WEF (1971) and his associate, Thierry Malleret.

The Great Reset is a Globalist Agenda that is managed by a small ultra-rich neoliberal group of oligarchs – names shall not be mentioned at this point – who want to implement a world destructive plan, leading to “deleting” humanity to a minimum, so that those who are left, may serve as serfs to these plutocrats, sort of the “Epsilon” people, when you compare the plan to the Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

When we understand this, it should come like an awakening what is currently happening with the different purposefully uncoordinated lockdowns around the globe. Especially since covid – the falsely declared pandemic, actually a Plandemic – has engulfed all 193 UN member countries at once. It is physically and scientifically impossible that a virus hits the entire world at the same time. Unless it has been artificially (human-made) spread to every corner of the world at the same time.

Therefore, the current killer-measures – lockdowns, obligatory mask wearing, defacing of our dignity;

  • humiliating of humanity; “social distancing”;
  • quarantines; homeoffice work;
  • separation from colleagues; school from home via Zoom or Skype

The monstruous fear campaign – the repressive police and military measures to implement these society, family and friendship breaking rules – are all the puzzles of a much larger picture.

They are only the beginning of an unraveling Big Picture.

But you remember the end-goal – “deletion” of humanity, and you will not be surprised at what’s planned – and indeed coming – if we do not stop it. We must stop it.

Because, if we, the People – do not stop this horrendous crime on humanity by disobedience and spiritual connection – we will soon look back on 2020 as a year of paradise.

What is in the making – the implementation of the real UN Agenda 21-30 – a disaster and crime on humanity of an epic dimension.

Do not get fooled by the UN Agenda’s 17 noble Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) which are designed to make people believe the UN is interested in alleviating poverty in the world, to bring the Global South and the Global North on an even keel. That’s at best an illusion and in reality, a false pretense, to deviate your attention from reality. From the outset it is clear – has been clear since their design – that these goals will not be met.

To even getting closer to meet the 17 SDGs, would require an enormous amount of capital and implementation capacity. Where should capacity and capital come from? – The funding, naturally, from the IMF and the World Bank and the associated regional development banks and bilateral development agencies. Absorptive capacity is secondary. Debt and enslavement are priority.

Such capital “injections” in the form of loans, in some cases grants – would come with terrifying strings attached. For example, developing country governments will have to follow the strict rules of the global covid narrative; they also have to grant concessions for exploitation of their natural resources to foreign corporations – and they have to “structurally reform” their internal economy, meaning massively reducing public employees, making them redundant, unemployed. And of course, the usual – they have to adopt severe austerity programs. Just the contrary of what would allow destroyed economies to breathe and recover.

Back to the big picture of massive population reduction and total digital control of the remaining population under a One World Order (OWO) – as proclaimed by the WEF’s Great Reset. The Great Restructuring, as the IMF calls it, has various phases – the end-phase being – “you own nothing but you are happy”. The Great Reset and the end of the UN Agenda 21-30, is to be achieved in a decade. This will require a fair amount of mind manipulations of the “Epsilon” people (the lowest cast in Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”).

The current heads of governments (sic-sic) probably have been promised important roles, Alpha or Beta types, in the New OWO government – a compensation for obeying the Global Cabal’s orders, betraying their people, destroying their economy – and driving millions, literally tens of millions into misery and outright death. For this service to the Global Cabal, they deserve a decent compensation, of course.

One of the key priorities in this “satanic” plan is getting everybody injected, what they call officially “vaccinated”. Though what the west so far has to offer are not vaccines, but mRNA, “gene-therapy” injections, that are supposed to modify the human genome, so as to produce antibodies for the corona virus… that’s what they pretend. In fact, they contain many toxic substances that have already now, as immediate reactions – horrendous side effects, with many people dying.

See this.

RT reports on 1 February 2021 that 7 die at a Spanish care home after getting Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. ALL 78 residents test positive for the virus after the jab. The second doses are still to come.

On 22 January CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) lists the latest numbers of 329 deaths, of which 285 were from the US and 44 from other countries. The average age of those who died was 76.5, which shows that “vaccinating” the elderly as part of the most vulnerable – is like a death sentence for them. Its purposefully “deleting” those who cost society the most – medical expenses, housing and food. These figures represent vast under-reporting. Perhaps only one percent of all vaccine-related adverse effects are reported.

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