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How I Am Planning To Vanish In The Next Crisis

I have been writing to preppers for almost 10 years now. Never before have we been so close to a genuine collapse of our society. Never before have we had such a level of surveillance and technological tyranny upon us. It makes many just wanna head for the hills.

Vanishing with a family of four is a tall order. It requires some serious planning and execution. I should also add that the timing of an operation like this could make or break the entire things So, with all that said I will tell you how I plan to vanish in the next crisis and how you might want to vanish, too.

We are going to assume that I will not be a specific target of any one person with excessive resources so that my vanishing will simply be a means of waiting till people forget about me.

I’ll Leave Fake Leads

As I prepare to get out of dodge, I will be very intentional about my communications with neighbors, friends, and family.

Online communications and messaging will be another important place to leave these fake leads. This is just a matter of leaving a handful of options so that if anyone comes looking, they will have a few places to check first. Of course, none of the leads you leave are going to be remotely close to where you are actually going.

Sell Everything and Pay Off Debt

You cannot take everything with you. The less you can take the better!

Those expensive things hanging on walls, hidden in boxes or on shelves, all should be sold. Sell them sooner rather than later because things like entertainment could lose value depending on the nature of the next crisis.

If rising food costs and food shortages grip the nation, then people are not gonna wanna spend money on a PlayStation 5 or a massive flat screen television. Use all of that money to pay off any debt that is clinging to you.

Creditors have lots of resources, so you want them off your back. They are likely the people that will come looking for you the hardest.

I Will Smash or Move Electronics

An important and even satisfying step will be the destruction of all your electronics that ever held any information about you or could follow you around. I know that my footprints on the internet are well documented.

Still, destroying electronics will keep people like google from tracking your GPS locations.

If you want to get really tricky, you could tape your cellphone to the top of a freight train or trolly and let it ride around the country a bit, while you make your break for it.

You could use a panel from Powerfilm Solar and hide the phone up on a roof somewhere. It would give a great false position and the solar film would likely keep it on for weeks if not months on low power settings. Put it in a Ziploc bag so the rain doesn’t ruin it.

I’ll Change My Appearance

This might be a simple one for you or it might be one that evokes some real emotions in you. Prepare for that. The good thing is that simple changes to your appearance can radically affect how the world perceives you.

For men it can be as simple as shaving that beard you have always worn and getting a new haircut. For women things like changing hairstyle, hair color and even changing the makeup style can make a big difference.

How you dress can be changed and unique accessories like glasses and hats can be used to give yourself a completely different look.

I use my family as a metric. How would my family do at recognizing me? That is the question you should ask yourself while planning to vanish in the next crisis.

I Will Maintain Constant Movement

The only way that a person can truly vanish in this modern age is to be consistently moving during a crisis.

This is why one of the first things we will do is buy a used camper with cash. This will allow me to move from one place to another or even spend days at a time on the move.

Settling down for long periods of time should be avoided. You can settle for a bit and make some money, but it will take a lot if you are going to lay a serious foundation and rebuild your life as someone else. Instead, remain transient in your new life.

Choose a Cash Business for Income (Or an SHTF Career)

It’s important to have an emergency fund. I think people really struggle with this prep. Saving in general is something of a struggle for many Americans. No matter how big that emergency fund is though, eventually, you are gonna run out of money.

If you go back to work with your same name and social security number, then you will be back on the map. The whole vanishing act will go up in smoke.

The better option would be to consider a kind of cash business or what I call the SHTF career. If you are choosing to vanish than I assume the world has taken an even worse turn. I have trigger points for this, and you should develop some of your own trigger points for when it’s time to get out of dodge.

Some Great SHTF Careers For Making Money After You Vanish:

• Firewood Splitter and Delivery
• Blacksmith
• Craftsman
• Handyman
• Security or Bodyguard
• Potter
• Butcher
• Farmer
• Delivery Man
• Apothecary Healer

Weather the Storm

For the person who is vanishing during a crisis the early days are going to be the hardest. There may be people who truly want to find you and those people are going to use most of their resources to do that in the early days.

Not to mention you will likely be migrating in a collapsing world. You will be trying to reestablish yourself in a world that is coming apart at the seams.

You are going to have to weather some kind of storm. It might be a good time to just stay boarded up in whatever it is you call home.

Park the camper at a state park with good views for a week or two.

The heightened surveillance state, the collapsing world, and the rise in crime all over this nation is enough to make anyone want to VANISH tomorrow. Things are getting wild out there.

While disappearing yourself in this modern age is a lot harder than it used to be, well, it’s still possible.

It’s gonna take a little extra planning but you can pull it off. There is nothing easy about this and you will likely have deep regrets at times, but it could also be your path to safety and prosperity as the world goes fallow around you.

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